The Professional

King Denis - The Professional

King Denis - The Professional

Kigonya Denis was born in 1982 in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. He is also known as King Denis.

King Denis is a self-taught Web Designer. He started designing Websites in 2006 as a profession after leaving his job by then. During the same period, he developed passion for working on TV Stations and engaging in the Music Industry in Uganda.

King’s other areas of experience include: Web Designing & Hosting, Social Media Integration, Internet Marketing & Advertising, Film & Photography, Artist Branding & Management, simple Audio & Video Editing and Business Development.

He is currently working with young music artists from Uganda as a Brand Manager with the intension of boosting the Entertainment industry in a Positive way. More…

King Denis’s interest is to merge Web Designing with Media (Radio, TV and Magazines). He has big dreams of becoming a professional in video editing, production, Filming and Web Designing.